Hello World and I mean it!

“I just have this simple thinking that whatever bit of good I share to the world will make the world a bit better to be in.”

Hello World! and I mean it because this is something for the world to see! 
Welcome to my blog presented in the simplest way. 

Apart from my loving to write, I also love taking photos about anything that I find amusing.  They are photos randomly taken from an ordinary camera, no professional photography applied,just simple whatever, anywhere, whenever photos.   cam These photos are filing up and it would be a waste if I just keep them along with the amusing thoughts I find in them.  So here I am sharing them with you through this photo blog.

The photos here are especially selected with the purpose of sharing with everyone the amusing yet simple things (or simple yet amusing things) about Filipinos and the Philippines.  While most informative media uses highly sophisticated tools in delivering their topics to capture the interest of their audience, I chose to deliver mine in a manner that I have always known and used to doing, simple and straightforward…the way how life should be.

“Pinoy” is an endearment term for “Filipino” and “Anik-Anik” is a Filipino/Tagalog word which means “ano-ano” made into a cutely slang sound thus the “anik-anik”.  Doubling a nickname or a word is one unique character Filipinos are known for.  Say, if your name is John you will be nicknamed “John-John” or if your name is Jen, you will be nicknamed “Jen-Jen”.

As unique as it sound “Anik-anik” has no exact English translation.  For Filipinos it simply means “everything” or “whatever” or a “mixture of everything and whatever”  Read along and be amused with the mixture of everything and whatever about Filipinos.


About Anik Anik

Isang Pinay na may nag-uumapaw na ideya at kaisipan na patuloy na naghahanap ng pagsisidlan. Kung hindi ko man malibot ang mundo gamit ang pisikal na katawan nawa'y makapaghatid naman ng kahit isang butil ng kainaman.

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