Coin Bank from Dried Coconut Fruit

Digital image

These coin banks are made from coconut fruit usually from the rejected class or the ones that are fallen down from the tree.  They are naturally dried and hand curved into different (usually fun looking) figures.  The lot in this photo is patterned with the different faces of monkeys.  The coconut husk is designed as the hair and the coconut shell is the actual coin bank.  I took this photo from a souvenir shop in a house museum in Cavite City, Philippines  where they are being sold at PhP 30.00 – PhP50.00 per piece (US$0.71 – US$1.19). The white pieces of paper on top of the head of the figures are hand written price tags.  They can also be found from other souvenir shops in Manila but the price is more expensive.


About Anik Anik

Isang Pinay na may nag-uumapaw na ideya at kaisipan na patuloy na naghahanap ng pagsisidlan. Kung hindi ko man malibot ang mundo gamit ang pisikal na katawan nawa'y makapaghatid naman ng kahit isang butil ng kainaman.

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  1. Hello Ms. Light,

    Congrats on this NEW page…more!more!more!…pictures and interesting articles =)
    Good luck and Best Wishes!

    • Wow THANKS Dada! for the all the support and encouragements 🙂 really appreciate it much… and YES! a lot more is coming 😉
      Wishes of GOOD LUCK to u too!

  2. still have time to do this stuff? 🙂

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