Gat ANDRES BONIFACIO sa Baryang Sampung Piso (Andres Bonifacio in Ten Peso Coin)


This post is dedicated to one of Philippines great hero Andres Bonifacio who’s birthday is November 30.  The bust image of Andres Bonifacio can be found in the ten peso coin together with Apolinario Mabini, another Philippine hero.

Here are some facts about Andres Bonifacio:

REAL NAME: Andres Bonifacio y de Castro

BORN: November 30, 1863 in Tondo, Manila
The feast date of Saint Andrew the Apostle whom he was named.
He is the eldest of five children.

FATHER: Santiago Bonifacio, a tailor and a former “teniente mayor” of Tondo

MOTHER: Catalina de Castro, a worker at a cigarette factory

SPOUSE: Gregoria de Jesus (also a Philippine hero)
Gregoria de Jesus is his second wife whom he married on 1893.  They had a son but died in infancy.
He was first married to a certain Monica who died of leprosy.

DIED: May 10, 1897
Died from execution at Maragondon Cavite City at the age of 33

KNOWN FOR: Philippine Revolution

He joined Rizal’s La Liga Filipina an organization which called for political reform in the colonial government of the Philippines but was disbanded after Rizal’s arrest and deportation.

He founded the Katipunan on July 7, 1892.  Katipunan is “Kataastaasang Kagalanggalangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan (“Highest and Most Respected Society of the Children of the Country).  A secret society seeking independence from Spain through armed revolt.  His pseudonym was “May Pag-asa” (There is Hope).

He is also considered by some Filipino historians to be the first President but he is not officially recognized.

EDUCATION: no formal schooling
He dropped out from school to support his siblings after his parents died

Sold canes and paper fans he made himself and made posters for business firms.

Worked as a “mandatorio” for the British trading firm Fleming and Company

Worked as a “bodeguero (warehouseman) for the German firm Fressel and Company

A part time actor in “moro-moro” plays


More details about Andres Bonifacio here


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