Belen (Nativity Scene) at the Home of Joy


This photo was taken at the grounds of the Missionaries of Charity Home of Joy for the Sick Children.  The simplicity of the nativity scene and all the other plain decorations surrounding the place reflects the purpose of what this place is for.  Here are some details about the Home of Joy.

    • The Missionaries of Charity is the order of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, located at 1030 Tayuman Street, Tondo, Manila, telephone number (+632) 255-0832 and contact person is Sister Anselm.

    • It is an orphanage for gravely sick children, those with Down’s syndrome, hydrocephalous, and the likes.

    • They also take care of sick but not abandoned children from vey poor families who bring their sick children to the nuns so the nuns can take care of them and provide them food and medicines.

    • They need donations for their mission.

Taking of photos of the sick children and their ward facility is strictly prohibited but it is allowed around the grounds only.  My husband took this photo during the simple Christmas program of the lost and abandoned old people who are housed just across the street from the Home of Joy.  It was the first time we visited the Home of Joy.


About Anik Anik

Isang Pinay na may nag-uumapaw na ideya at kaisipan na patuloy na naghahanap ng pagsisidlan. Kung hindi ko man malibot ang mundo gamit ang pisikal na katawan nawa'y makapaghatid naman ng kahit isang butil ng kainaman.

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