Bibingka (Traditional Christmas Rice Cake)


Bibingka is a traditional Christmas food usually being sold outside of churches during the Christmas season after Simbang Gabi / Misa de Gallo (Dawn Mass) along with the “Puto Bumbong”. The Bibingka in this photo is newly cooked topped with margarine and salted duck egg.  It comes along with a grated coconut and a free hot tea.  I bought this just outside a church right after the eight Dawn Mass (Simbang Gabi / Misa de Gallo) at PhP 50.00 (US$ 1.19). 

The price of Bibingka depends on the ingredients and toppings.  The basic ingredients are rice, flour and milk, or coconut milk or water. The common toppings are butter or margarine and salted duck eggs.  It looks like a spongy cake that is usually charred on both surface and infused with the unique smell of toasted banana leaves which makes it more appetizing.  It is best served hot.

Busy time for Bibingka vendors selling just outside the Sta. Clara de Montefalco Parish Church during the sixth Dawn Mass. 


A charming and funny signage posted in a stall of a Bibingka vendor.  I took this photo after the third Dawn Mass at Our Lady of Sorrows Parish Church. The price of Bibingka here is PhP 30.00 (US$ 0.71) only.


Today, there are more modern ways of cooking Bibingka such as baking them in actual oven in an ordinary cake pans, but the Pinoys (Filipino) still prefer the traditional way of  cooking Bibingka in a terra cotta pot lined with banana leaves atop a charcoal stove.


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