Bukayo is a very sweet delicacy that is very popular especially for kids.  It is made from young gelatinous coconut (buko) simmered in water and white or brown sugar.  During the early days it is usually eaten after meal as a desert, but the younger generations eat them just like the common “junk foods”.

The jar of bukayo in this photo is taken from a “Sari Sari” store (convenience store) in the neighborhood in a province wherein you can buy it at PhP 1.00 per piece.  However in the city, it is very rare to buy a bukayo per, piece they are selling it per pack.  It can also be found in high end supermarkets but the price is more expensive.

Here’s one Bukayo recipe that I got from the net:


  • 2 coconuts
  • 1 kg brown sugar
  • young coconut juice (buko juice)
  • all purpose flour or corn starch


  1. Boil together the buko juice and sugar until sugar dissolves completely and mixture thickens.
  2. Cook grarted coconut in a pan with a little oil until it turns slightly brown.
  3. Add syrup and thicken with a little flour or cornstarch diluted in water.
  4. Keep stirring so that syrup coats the grated coconut completely, mixture thickens and bukayo gets cooked completely.
  5. When cooked, transfer bukayo to a bowl.
  6. Form into small balls while hot.
  7. Use plastic wrap or wax paper to cushion your hands from the hot bukayo.

About Anik Anik

Isang Pinay na may nag-uumapaw na ideya at kaisipan na patuloy na naghahanap ng pagsisidlan. Kung hindi ko man malibot ang mundo gamit ang pisikal na katawan nawa'y makapaghatid naman ng kahit isang butil ng kainaman.

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  1. Nice blog! I suggest mag install ka ng chat box widget. Para mas smooth ang communication. Cheers! Salamat sa pagbisita sa blog ko. 😀

  2. gosh bukayo was my favorite when i was still living in the Philippines.

  3. hello bumisita ako dito..salamat sa pagbisita mo…ayos ang blog mo na to ah..miss ko na kumain ng bukayo 🙂

  4. Nasa ibang bansa kasi ako eh…medyo matagal na rin akong di nakakain ng bukayo kaya namimis ko. Dati yan ang minimeryenda ko bukayo with coke sarap…

  5. i just loved bukayo.we used to sell some of these bukayo in our school for extra allowance.

    • yes it was a trend selling sweets and candies in the school for extra allowance. it was good – practicing for early entrepreneurship 🙂
      THANKS for passing by my site!

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