I’m a work from home mom, married to an athlete with two lovable kids and an adopted stray cat and dwells in a challenging city called Manila.

For 18 years I was in a corporate job which I described my regular day as an  action packed “Mission Impossible” day.  A truly multitasking to the highest and maximum level that when I quit I carried with me this confidence that I can work anything except a surgeon’s job. LOL but true.

I love to write but I had this habit of filing my writings to where no one can read it.  I write in pieces of paper, in my coloring books, on walls, in my old PC’s that crashed down without back-ups.  If I do write publicly they are under pseudonyms or they are work related like an article or a speech for someone else.  With much prodding from my family and BFF, I finally tried writing something that is directly associated with myself  and started doing my own blogs.  Aside from my loving to write I also love taking random photos.

“Pinoy Anik-Anik”  is my way of showing to the world the simple yet amusing  life of  Pinoys (Filipinos) presented in a simple, plain and straightforward way… the way how life should be.


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