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Paumanhin (Apology)


I can’t find a photo that will aptly express my apology for abandoning this blog for quite a while so I created the one posted above.  It has been two months since my last post.

The truth is I almost discontinue this blog.  I’ve been very vocal that the reason is because I am not quite familiar blogging through WordPress compared to my ease in using Blogger.  So what I did is to ask the opinion of my fellow blogger friends and I was surprise with the feedbacks I got from them.  They are all positive and they all encouraged me to continue.  They said that this blog is quite unique and that I will eventually be learning the tricks as I go along.

Well here’s a confession.  Maybe even if someone encouraged me to discontinue this blog, I don’t think I would discontinue.  I’ve been trying to but I can’t (lol).  I simply love this blog.  I love the idea behind why I created this and I still do.  I love its purpose.  When I need to fill-up blog information what my blog is about and what is its purpose, I am always proud writing my answer.

This is my way of showing my love and support to my race and my fatherland. It maybe simple but I’m proud of it! Winking smile As for my nose bleeding with you WordPress, well, it’s actually part of the challenge and I’m not known for giving up so I’m here to stay Smile with tongue out.

For new readers here’s what this blog is about.  Hope you continue hanging with me and this blog.  More “anik-anik” coming along!